Acte de Vente


During the period between Compromis and Acte, all searches are carried out, mortages (if required) are secured, outline planning permission applied for. In essence, all of the clauses stipulated in the Compromis are to be satisfied.

Ready to Complete

As soon as this has happened, the Notaire will contact us to tell us that he is ready to complete and we will contact both parties to make the arrangements for signing the Acte de Vente. Needless-to-say, the purchase funds need to be deposited in the Notaires’ bank account in anticipation.

Buyer’s Pre-purchase visit

It is customary for the buyer to visit the property immediately prior to the signing in order to satisfy him/herself that the condition of the property is as expected, and that the items detailed in the inventory are all present and correct. It is at this point that we take all meter readings. A representative of Classic French Homes will be present at this meeting to ensure that the interests of both parties are fairly represented, and to advise as required.


All keys are handed over at the signing, and the property, together with all items left at the property (whether on the inventory list or not) legally become the property of the new owner.