Aerial Photography

Property Marketing Commitment

In our boldest commitment to property marketing yet, we have a Landrover fitted with a telescopic mast for capturing that different angle – perhaps a facade that is difficult to access because of land that falls away, or is obscured by shrubs and trees – or for capturing the orientation of elements of a property – the pool from the house, the park in relation to the buildings etc. It elevates a DSLR camera up to 12.5m, on a remote-controlled pan-and-tilt head, with remote view and control via a ground-based laptop computer – the ideal solution for a perfect photo.


An extra service

Not only does it allow us to get photos that better represent properties for you, it is a service that we are able to extend to buyers should they wish to market their properties subsequently, eg for the holiday rental market.


Securing Instructions

The main reason for us getting this equipment was to further improve the services we offer vendors – which in turn results in exclusive instructions of the best properties – which in turn benefits you, the buyers.