Buyers Services

Your time is valuable

We recognise that time is precious, and it is our aim to find your ideal property quickly and efficiently. As part of our selection criteria, we will already have discounted a number of properties that are clearly unsuitable (because they are blighted, need too much work, or where the vendor is clearly unrealistic with their price expectations).

Taking out the stress

We recognise that whilst buying property can be very exciting, it can also be stressful. We aim to reduce this stress where at all possible:
•    By listening to you and appreciating your requirements;
•    By helping you refine your search criteria;
•    By shortllisting over those properties that are suitable;
•    By guiding you through all aspects of property purchase procedure;
•    By negotiating your behalf in a way that is thoroughly professional – transparent, swift  and diplomatic;
•    By pulling in additional professionals where required (from surveyors, lawyers and accountants).

Reduced overall purchase cost

There are numerous factors that impact the overall purchase cost of a property – whilst the cost of the property is clearly the most significant, there are others that add up, including Notaires fees, currency exchange charges, professional advice, removals and cost of furnishing your new home, ongoing taxes, to ongoing maintenance and property care etc.. By skillfully maneuver, and with our network of reputable professionals and suppliers, we are able to keep the overall cost and hassle – it may even be that we can get the property making money for you. Moreover, we will do all we can to ensure that you avoid falling foul of some of the pitfalls out there.