Buyer's Testimonials

Stewart - you were a breath of fresh air and fun.

Mrs JB, Singapore

Thank you so much again for your informative time spent on my behalf. You are definitely one of the finest agents that I have dealt with.

Mrs O'D, Ireland

  Agence Classic French Homes SARL

This letter is to recommend the services of the above French property agency.

To provide brief background I live and work overseas and have been looking for some time for a property where my wife and I can ultimately retire to. We have looked in different countries but ultimately decided that France was where we wished to buy. We have previously owned a property in France so have experience of using agents before but this is why I would strongly recommend that you use this agency:

-Simply by looking at their web site, and seeing the relatively few properties available, it is immediately clear that they do their homework and do not take on properties that do not fit their minimum criteria. This was confirmed when we met with the agency. This is in stark contract with most other agencies who seem to take on any property they can. The end result if you use these agencies is that you will end up being taken to many properties that are not suitable. This happened to us first time around and is very frustrating.

-Aside from the more selective nature of the properties the agency does a tremendous job with the photos they put together. Stewart is a professional and the quality and the range of the photos you get to see, once you have registered, is first class.

-Once we had established contact with the agency Stewart spoke with my wife, who was in the UK at the time, to clearly understand what we were looking for. It wasn’t just the price, more the type of property and environment.

-When the property we eventually bought came on the market Stewart immediately called my wife to explain that they had a new listing which he thought was so good he recommended she should immediately get on a plane to see it. The pictures confirmed this but Stewart was very insistent that it had to be seen because he felt that the first person to see it would buy it. I would add that we were obviously not the only clients that Stewart called; it’s just that my wife reacted quickly based on the credibility that Stewart had already built.

-From the time my wife first arrived at Bergerac airport, Stewart's colleague, Dean, provided a first class service. Apart from arranging to see the chateau he arranged to take her to other properties so that we had a good perspective on what was available at what price.

-I currently work in Doha and my wife persuaded me to jump on a plane. Not a cheap option, to come for a couple of days to have a look. I did so because Dean was able to negotiate us the first right of refusal. I confirmed we would make a quick and immediate decision but I did not want to fly all that way if someone was able to step in front of us.

-I did duly visit the chateau and we made a formal offer for the asking price within 1 ½ hours which was accepted! The quality of the chateau was first class and in stark contrast to many other properties we have been shown by other agencies which are often misrepresented or invariably require a huge amount of additional work. Dean was quick to point out any downsides but the vetting the agency does in advance spoke for itself.

-No other prospective buyer saw the property which has just as well as other people were queuing up by this stage. It became clear that an ‘auction’ could potentially bring about a higher price but Dean stuck to his word.

-The service provided did not end there. Dean was able to recommend a French notaire, who speaks English, and is familiar with expatriates buying in France. He was also able to recommend another firm who can provide independent advice on property buying as well as tax and other related issues.

The rest as we say is history. We now have a wonderful chateau thanks to the good services of the agency.  I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending their services to anyone wanting to buy in the area in France they cover. They are professional, helpful and honest and if you get a call suggesting you get on a plane to see a property take it seriously!!

David Godwin
CEO, Standard Chartered Bank, Qatar

...thanks Stewart -  whatever comes of this, you are brilliant at what you do and it is a great pleasure dealing with you....


Miss GD, Dublin

Your website is top of the range btw.  Really good work.  And I love the pics...

HW, Barrister-at-Law, London

...the best and most informative site by far.....

Mrs SE, South Africa


I would just like to say how much Frances and I enjoyed our time property searching with you and a big thank you for the help and advice with our new property. We can not recomend you enough having had so many failed attempts with other agents.

Mr SW, Company Director, S England

Dear Stewart,

Please accept my sincere gratitude for the time you have spent and effort you have shown during our recent visit to the property listed with your agency. Your professionalism and attention to details have made a tremendous difference in the way I have percepted the property. You have made me feel very comfortable in doing business with you.

Mr D - Naples, Florida, USA


Dear Stewart

A huge thank you to you and Michelle for such a professional and above all enjoyable visit to look at properties.

Mr E, Majorca