Currency Exchange & Consultancy

Big sums means large margins

Needless-to-say, large sums of money are involved when buying or selling properties. When buying property denominated in a foreign currency, or when repatriating funds following the sale of an asset, fluctuations in exchange rates can be the source of considerable concern.

Use it to your advantage

Rather than being at the mercy of such movements in rates, there are a number of foreign currency exchange contracts and instruments available to you that allow you to benefit from fluctuations in a best case scenario, or at the very least take out the risk in the case of a worst scenario. We have summarised these here.

Getting Expert Advice

It’ s very complicated business – and to get it right needs a deep understanding of the market and its constant monitoring thereof. We are not experts – but we have trawled the industry to find the very best professionals who are. We would be very happy to get a broker to call you for a free, no-obligation consultation – please contact us for details.