Discreet Portfolio

We are specialists in Discreet Marketing of 'Off Market' properties, and it accounts for a sizeable proportion of our turnover in both property and financial terms. Essentially, properties marketed discreetly never go on the open market but are introduced to our registered applicants, or to buyers as part of our ‘Buyer’s Search Service’ that we offer vendors.

How do potential buyers access these properties?

The first step is to Register – this starts the process of us getting to know you and understand your requirements. If we feel that there is a good match between you and a particular property, we will share the details with you.


What details do we hold?

It very much depends on the property and the situation regarding its marketing campaign. In most instances we still do the our usual ‘take-on’ – floor plans, comprehensive details, professional photography throughout etc, from which we compile draft property particulars in our usual style. Occassionally a property is being marketed discreetly whilst we wait for a change in the season – in  which case we may only hold a basic set of details.

Why would a committed vendor want to market their property discreetly?

There are a number of reasons that we and/or the vendor opt for off-market or discreet marketing:

  • Often vendors need secrecy - they do not wish friends, family, neighbours, commercial clients and/or domestic staff that they wish to sell;
  • In a difficult market where buyers are thin on the ground and turnover of properties low, it prevents over-exposure;
  • Properties are let, particularly over the summer holiday season, and potential guests are dissuaded from booking if they feel that there is a chance that the property will change hands before their holiday;
  • Properties are undergoing renovation, and any overt marketing material is not able to accurately represent the current- or end-state;
  • Vendors are in no rush to open their doors to hoards of applicants, and only wish to allow viewings where there is a high correlation between buyer’s criteria and what is on offer. Essentially, they wish a more exclusive sales process, even if this takes longer;
  • There are sensitivities between the vendor and other agents (such as those through whom they bought), to the extent that they do not wish other agents to know that they are selling separately;
  • Often, we will send draft details of properties to registered buyers as part of our ‘Inside Track’ service before they hit the open market, and where this succeeds in finding a committed buyer quickly, we do not go ahead with overt marketing in order to avoid upsetting the deal;
  • Some properties can be devalued if advertised overtly, and are much better suited to be sold discreetly;
  • As an agency, we often like it – it suits our style of being discreet and effective.


Is it effective?

Yes – discreet marketing accounts for about a quarter of our business, and allows our buyers to acquire prime properties with the minimum of fuss – and on a more exclusive basis.