Etude Diagnostique

As soon as we have confidence of securing a deal, we will assist you in finding an Expert to carry out the ‘Etude Diagnostique’ as required by French law. This is a detailed report that comments on a number of aspects of your property for the enlightenment of the buyer:

•    lead in paint;
•    asbestos;
•    termites;
•    conformity to electrical standards;
•    ditto for gas;
•    energy performance;
•    natural and technological risks.

We know a number of the experts available, and now have whittled this down to a select few who are able to produce excellent results quickly, who represent excellent value for money, and who are able to produce material electronically commensurate with our international clientele.

Structural Survey

Some of our buyers request an additional survey at their expense that focuses more on the structural condition of the property and services. This is nothing to worry about – we wouldn’t have taken your property on if we felt that anyone had cause for concern in this regard.


If we think that, when we visit the property for take-on, there are a number of issues which warrant rectification before negotiation and/or Etude Diagnostique, we will recommend a Pre-Survey. Carried out by the same expert who does the eventual Diagnostique report, this is specifically designed to identify issues which will be reported adversely and recommends remedial solutions.