Exclusive mandates

One Agent – or Multiple?

The more the merrier, right? Wrong! Whilst it is true that listing with multiple agents can spread the net wider, do be aware of the other implications of listing widely. With an exclusive mandate, an agent:

  • has the time to understand your property thoroughly, and to capture and promulgate the very best marketing material;
  • is able to very carefully regulate the exposure your property gets and the strategy adopted;
  • marshal interest in it effectively;
  • and, ultimately, is incentivised to get the best deal for you.


Multiple Agencies – beware the dangers

The opposite can often occur with multiple listings – the race is on to get material live and so corners are cut, and he is incentivised to get the first deal that sticks. Moreover, the race is on to occupy all of the various channels quickest – and a property can very quickly become over-exposed with material that paints a confusing and desperate picture for buyers. Furthermore, disreputable agents have been known to try to derail a potential sale of one of their properties by a competitor agent – so beware the danger of listing with similar agents.

Our preferred approach

We rarely take a non-exclusive mandate – preferring that you to list with a competitor exclusively rather than succumb to multiple listings.

Please note that an exclusive mandate is vital for either our ‘Discreet’,  ‘Shock & Awe’ and 'Crescendo' marketing strategies.