Feasibility Studies

We often have clients who want to buy a property, but want to ensure that it will be practical to convert outbuildings and attics etc.

We can offer two solutions:

Quick Proposal

Using our Floor Planning software, and based on the floor plans already provided,  we are able to make a series of solutions for remodeling houses to suit a new owners’ needs. Needless-to-say, Stewart’s skills in Engineering and experience in renovations in France are invaluable for such exercises. We do make a small charge for this, but this is deducted from the sale price (within reason).


Architect’s Feasibility Study

For a more detailed investigation and report, an Architect’s Feasibility Study is more appropriate. It can be achieved with or without your presence, and does not take long to complete. For this reason it is inexpensive. It is useful if, as part of your brief to the architect, you have a broad idea as to want you want to achieve, how you would ideally like to do so, and what your constraints are (time, money, style etc).  Such a study should also be able to provide an indication of cost, timings and planning permission considerations.We have on hand an accomplished British architect who has now established a practice in the area and can handle all issues from initial feasibility to drawings to planning applications. Any financial arrangements are made with him directly.


Thinking of running holiday a holiday home or Gite?

If you are considering remodeling a house in order to convert it to be a commercial holiday home, or ‘gite’, we have extensive experience both renovating property ourselves and marketing gites, and so are ideally positioned to assist with informed and valuable advice.