Whether moving family here or looking to set up a business, it is often extremely useful to have the assistance of someone who knows the system and can help both navigate it and open doors. We are delighted to recommend Alexandra Thevenet and 'The Link' for this purpose.

"The Link"

The Link is designed to build “communication bridges” between French and English speaking professionals and/or individuals.

The main services on offer from The Link include access to translation and interpreting services, representation at various meetings, guidance on moving to France and through the administrative maze and general “officialdom”, as well as setting up a business and providing language workshops.


A monthly get-together called LinkUp can also prove useful for professionals as people are brought together around an organised meal, conference or event to enable direct connections with experts from all professional horizons sharing a business or personal interest in the Franco-English speaking communities. The Link also offers cross cultural project management services.