Floor Plans

Clear, simple, unambiguous – floor plans are an ideal tool for conveying a property and are very popular amongst buyers. Moreover, the system we use for building the floor plan allows us to write much of the descriptions concurrently – allowing us to capture quickly and accurately your details.

Not only are floor plans excellent marketing tools that enable potential buyers to shortlist properties, they serve a useful purpose in ascertaining feasibility should an interested party need to make alterations. As part of our service to buyers, we often draw up proposed plans to help buyers ascertain that your property could indeed meet their requirements.

We provide floor plans as a matter for course for our vendors as part of our commitment to the very best marketing solutions available in SW France.


Deluxe Floorplans

Now offered as standard, our deluxe floorplans are architecturally more accurate than before, and in addition to including all sanitary ware etc also have accurate wall thicknesses. These are ideal for buyers needing to fully understand the property’s structure where, for example, they may wish to consider further renovation. We can also add furniture elements where buyers wish to offer their properties for holiday rental through Classic French Escapes.



Floor Plan Deluxe example