Foreign Exchange Consultancy & Brokers

For overseas buyers of French property, the single most important choice to get right is clearly the property itself. The second is the choice of currency exchange solution.

An overseas property purchase usually requires a significant amount of money to be changed into foreign currencies for a deposit, sometimes stage payments and final completion. With exchange rates constantly on the move, the choice of when to make the exchange, with who, and using which instrument (if applicable) can make or lose thousands.

While we can assist in opening foreign bank accounts and the like, reading the currency markets is a complex business that requires the professionals. We have trawled through numerous brokers to select the very best in the business, and we would be very happy to recommend the one best suited to your situation.

For the ones based in the UK and regulated under the FSA, they offer:

  • Security of Funds – Authorised by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) under the Payment Services Directive; client funds are held in segregated Client Accounts.
  • Guaranteed commercial rates of exchange for now and up to 2 years in the future
  • No fees and No commissions on exchange of currency
  • Same Day Transfers
  • Specialists in Foreign Currency Transactions, with calls answered personally in the UK
  • A Dedicated foreign exchange Account Manager from start to finish
  • A Stress Free Personal Service
  • Proof of your transfer in the form of a banking receipt (P.O.P)
  • Full Compliance with H M Customs & Excise
  • Registered with UK Money Transmitters Association
  • The facility to set up regular overseas transfers (such as Mortgage or Pension Payments etc.) with Overseas Regular Payment Plans.
  • Live Interbank Currency Prices available online
  • Names you can trust.

Please enquire for further details.