One of the most important roles we can undertake is that of valuation. We will come to your property, measure up, and get a good feel for what it offers.

We use a sophisticated method of valuation, and experience shows us that it is extremely effective at arriving at a suitable figure for the market. See 'Valuations' under 'Our Services' for further information.

It also gives us an opportunity to get to know you, and vice-versa.

Depending on the work that we have been able to undertake by way of preparation (see Pre-qualification), we may be able to give you a figure then and there, together with a verbal overview of our recommended marketing strategy. Some properties require more lengthy calculation and comparison, and it may be that we follow up with a figure and proposal.

Whilst rushing you is certainly not our style, it may make sense to start the take-on immediately – particularly if the weather is fine and the property well-presented.

Either way, we will still follow up in writing with valuation and marketing strategy proposal.