Vendor Pre-qualification

A Partnership

We view the relationship very much as a partnership – we work with you to find a buyer, negotiate the deal and transact it. As with all partnerships, they work best when the partners are well-matched. To this end we would be very grateful if you would first get to know us through the information available on this website.



If you like what you see, please contact us – but bear in mind that often we will ask that you pre-qualify your property – this saves you and us time. We simply ask that you give us the following information:

•    Location of the property.
•    Very brief description of the property, giving an indication of the number of rooms, overall habitable area, condition etc.
•    The area of land.
•    Whether or not it has been on the market at any time in the previous 2 years.
•    Your motivation as a seller.

Inclusion of photographs attached to an email, or a link to a website (if you have one), is always very useful.


Next Steps

By return, we will send you an overview of how it is we work, what we charge, as well as a brief as to how to prepare for the day of valuation, and, without wanting to make assumptions, potential take-on.