French Vendors approach to Property Pricing

It is always our intention and hope that we price properties accurately to reflect the current market conditions, and more often than not we are able to achieve this.

French Vendors – a different approach

Sadly, however, French vendors can often follow a very different rationale in the pricing of their property. Whilst they may fully agree with our valuations and the comparables we are able to show them, and assure us that they will accept offers that are reasonable, they will nevertheless insist that the property goes out with an asking price that leaves more room for negotiation. There are good historical and cultural reasons for this different approach to that which you may expect as an international buyer.

Our style – reaching a compromise

In such instances we agree a compromise approach – we list properties at the mandated price, but we manage the expectations of buyers accordingly. Please therefore ask us for guidance on realistic prices in such instances – we will be very happy to talk you through the process of negotiation strategy.