Fundraising Ideas

Please email me with any suitable fund-raising ideas you may have and I will post them to this page to inspire fund-raising events and promote take-up. Projects that are under-way will be reported regularly at ‘Fundraising Projects”

Sponsored SkyDive

Well done to Vicky Jarvis and Lydia Brown for volunteering to have a go – let’s swell their numbers to keep them company and egg them on! And thanks to Peter Jarvis for donating our first €100 not to do it….

Charity Function

We are hoping to stage a Charity Function at Lacanaud on the 21st June 2015. Details to follow. In the meantime we would certainly welcome invitation requests, ideas and offers of assistance and/or food / drink / entertainment. Please email me.

Gite tips

Stewart & Michelle are once again letting Lacanaud for vacation rental, but this year we will be promoting A Dog for Ella with our rental guests and encouraging them to consider donating rather than leaving tips.

Tour de France

We have half of the terrace at Pieds sur Terre booked for the Tour de France day - the race passes in front. We are happy to explore options for making this a fund raising event....