Classic Girondine Chateau - Bordeaux & the Gironde

The Chateau is located just off the D670 and ideal for quick access either into Bordeaux which is just a 30 minute drive away, St Emilion which is even closer or towards the many vineyards of the Pomerol, Haut Medoc or even Sauterne wine regions.

By foot or bicycle, the gates from the Chateau open onto ideal cycling and walking paths. Canoeing and Fishing are both available nearby.

For dining, there is a family restaurant opposite the Chateau entrance and then an abundance of all types of restaurants in Libourne and St Emilion. The owners have helpfully compiled a list of restaurants they recommend to eat out at. They have also created a further list of restaurants that will deliver to the Chateau including a chef who will cater for that special evening.