High Quality of Life

Healthy Living

Good food, fine wine, plenty of fresh air – many of the key elements of a good and healthy lifestyle are here in abundance.

Excellent Education

Whether you have kids or not, the quality of education here is important. Why? – because the system and strong family culture here combine to produce young men and women who are kind, considerate, confident and respectful. One does not have the delinquency associated with many of its European neighbours (particularly the UK and Germany), and the impact on public places, restaurants and bars is notable.

If you do have kids of school age, then it is worth considering this. Educated here, your children will grow up to be bilingual, happy and confident – without being exposed to the levels of bullying, hooliganism and drugs common elsewhere. Political correctness is virtually non-existent, and the sort of old-fashioned values that older generations miss are very much prevalent here.

The Right Pace

To a Frenchman, life is about living. There is no rat race here – health, humour and a sense of community are far more important that wealth. The impact of this is striking – manners, laughter and enjoyment abound – anger is rare and shortlived.