Inside Track

Online Registration for Email Alerts

Registering for email alerts is free & easy – and offers the following benefits:


We will email you details of all new properties broadly matching your search criteria as soon as they go live, and before we post adverts on the major property portals;

It gives you access to our ‘Discreet Portfolio’ – a select number of properties that are not being overtly marketed;

If we don’t have something that suits, but you are after something specific (eg a property suited to stabling horses), we will make some enquiries and try and track that perfect property on your behalf;

If we don’t cover what it is you are after (budget, geographic area, style), we will put you in touch with the best agent for you.


Some considerations:


Your specified budget – please give us an accurate budget to work with. We will then up this 20% for two reasons – it may be that we can negotiate a vendor down to make a property within your reach; and it allows you to monitor the market above and below your ideal price range.

Style – it would help us enormously if you could us an idea of your preferred style (eg fortified medieval castle vs refined elegance), the condition (do you want it already renovated to a high standards or are you game on for some renovation).

Likely timelines – when are looking to purchase?