Many thanks indeed for visiting our website. By browsing the pages, we very much hope that you will discover how unusual an agency we are, and why we should be your number one choice:

We’re unique

  • We have an exclusive portfolio of the very best properties
  • We insist on a realistic pricing policy
  • We understand properties, having renovated four ourselves here in France
  • We are specialised in serving an exacting international clientele
  • We are Family-run, independent & fully registered

We offer quality marketing material

That is up to date, and complete, saving you time and frustration
It includes

And what’s more, it’ s all available online!

We’re Knowledgeable

The directors come from professional backgrounds
We have a policy of ongoing professional development with FNAIM

We offer  a range of Professional Services

What’s more, we represent a one-stop shop

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