In France, it is quite common for vendors to want to sell much of their furniture with the property, and similarly many buyers are keen to acquire as much as possible. The arguments for including furniture, fixtures and fittings are persuasive:


  • It saves the vendor on removals and storage;
  • It negates the need to buyers to source furniture – saving considerable time and effort;
  • It allows buyers to enjoy their new property from day one;
  • Leaving such items causes less wear and tear to a property that removing them.


Regrettably, expectations and understandings between vendor and buyer can be different, and cause for some upset which is why at Classic French Homes we go to enormous lengths to clarify a property’s Fixtures & Fittings, as well as Inventories of additional items negotiated.


Fixtures and Fittings

Many items should be included as part of the fittings of the property, and their inclusion will be part of the contract as routine. Different Notaires may treat these items differently, but we try to push to the following be considered part of the property (if they existed on the day of the visit):


  • Fireback, inset stoves;
  • Curtain pole support, if these are fixed to the wall;
  • Radiators, radiator covers, fitted carpets;
  • Window and door fittings that existed on the day of the visit;
  • Doors, shelves, rails and other fitments of fitted cupboards;
  • WCs;
  • Trees, shrubs and plants of gardens;
  • Stone benches, patio tiles etc;
  • Satellite dishes and TV antennas;
  • All sanitary ware and central heating equipment;
  • Fitted electric fans and fitted electric heaters;
  • All windows and window panes to be free of cracks;
  • Shutters, roller shutters and their motors;
  • Motor to gates and garage doors.


Extra Inventory

For items negotiated to be included over and above this list, we prepare a detailed inventory:


  • A spreadsheet details a brief description of the items, listed on a room-by-room basis. Each item has a serial number;
  • Wherever possible, we photograph every item – this provides the afore-mentioned serial number;
  • A contact sheet of the photos accompanies the list.
  • The contact sheet of photos and spreadsheet of the items then forms part of the contract, and is signed by both buyer and seller.


Free of Charge

Most agencies charge to produce inventories like this – we do not, believing it to be part of the exceptional service that we offer clients.