Marketing Strategies

No two properties are the same, vendors differ enormously in their motivation for selling, and the market context is constantly changing. So why adopt a ‘one size fits all’ approach to marketing?

Bespoke Marketing Campaigns

At Classic French Homes, we develop a marketing strategy that is bespoke for every campaign we launch. We start off with a rigourous analysis of your property and what it could and should represent to a buyer. Having identified the most likely reasons for purchase, we write details and use photographs that underscore those uses for which demand is maximized – is it a main residence, or better suited to a second home – does it have commercial potential, or should it be pitched at the niche markets of equestrian interest? Is it done – or should we be selling the potential it represents?


A variety of approaches

We have pioneered a variety of different approaches to the advertising and promulgation, which broadly fall into the following categories:

  •   Discreet Marketing - often the most effective for a good sale
  •   Teaser - one of our favourites
  •   The Big Launch - when time is of the essence
  •   Crescendo - the optimal balance between time and effectiveness
  •   Buyer search - the ultimate in exclusive property marketing
  •   Traditional - for when our hand is forced
  •   Exclusive mandates - a very important consideration for vendors
  •   Campaign Recover - where properties have already been exposed to the market
  •   Opportunistic - we don't overtly market the property, but we may just call out of the blue with a buyer
  •   Overt lettings, discreet sales - we manage the holiday lettings for you until we find a suited buyer

The importance of Exclusive Mandates

We will work with you to confirm the style that best suits your situation, but please understand that many of them will only work when we have an exclusive mandate. Whether through us or a competitor agency, we always recommend instructing an Agency with an Exclusive Mandateclick here to understand why .