Negotiating the Deal


Negotiating the deal is obviously a major milestone that we all aim for – and, exciting though it can be, it can also be fraught and stressful for both sides of the equation. By this stage we hope that our professionalism has clearly shone through, and it is at this stage that it really comes to the fore.

Steering the course

We can be fully relied upon to steer a course that is professional, transparent, efficient, fair, thorough and swift – ensuring that all the paperwork is prepared and detail confirmed ready for the Notaire and the signing of the Compromis de Vente. It is only when we get to this stage that we exit the fraught zone and parties can relax safe in the comfort of the greatest degree of security and certainty.

Pulling in professionals

It is also during this stage that we pull in our extended network of tried and tested professionals to fulfil their part in any deal – whether this is professional advisors, surveyors or financial service providers.