Our History


Prior to forming the business, Stewart was project managing renovations in the South Dordogne - from carrying out feasibility studies to doing architect's drawings, and from submitting planning applications to overseeing works. Spotting a need for local estate agents to offer floor plans, he got the equipment to do this to act as a sideline to the core business, and as a tool for developing feasibility ideas for clients.

The response from agents was poor, and it was clear that there was a much greater need in the marketplace for a prestige agent who really understood marketing, properties, quality of service and business. It was to fill this gap that Classic French Homes was established.

Early Focus

When the business was launched in 2006, we were able to focus excusively on prestige properties, and we launched with an exciting and innovative array of servies and skills to a receptive marketplace. We are delighted to continue with this very tight focus, and continue with our innovation and commitment to excellence.

A Track Record of Success

Our formula worked well from the outset, and we started to ring up significant successes to the detriment of the incumbent players. A consistent performance since, in which we have recorded a growth in both turnover and profit year on year, has now earned us the reputation of the leading prestige agent in the region.