Outstanding marketing material

A flying start

We set out to provide vendors with the very best marketing material, and set the standard when we launched the business in September 2006 with outstanding property photography.

Floor Plans

We believe that we were the first in France to offer floor plans, and even now several years on have few competitors doing the same. We don't charge extra for these - they are simply a part of our commitment to excellence.

Comprehensive property details, freely available

Our property details are always extremely detailed and accurate, and we make them freely available over the internet as a PDF download. Persuasive and compelling, these contain details and photos of almost every room, and include the floor plans.

We haven’t rested on our laurels, though, and continue to innovate.

Elevated Photography

In our greatest commitment to property marketing to date, in February 2008 we commissioned a new Landrover Defender 110 equipped with a telescopic mast with which we do elevated photography, again at no extra charge.