Professional Photography - Buyers


We go to enormous lengths to photograph properties accurately and comprehensively. Using a sophisticated DSLR camera, we shoot in such a way as to convey the true feel of a room, and in its wider context within the house. We will also photograph every room in the house, as well as the garden, land and surroundings.



Moreover, we do not digitally alter photographs to lie by, for example, erasing eyesores (illegal here in France but regrettably widely practiced – just watch the cowboys wriggle as they explain that the pylon must have been built after he took the photo!). Our aim is simple – to accurately convey a property, warts and all – through imagery.


They’re yours!

Do you want a comprehensive record of the property when you bought it? Just ask – we can give you a CD containing the images taken when we first listed the property. Moreover, we are able to provide photographic support onwards – particularly if your intention is to market it for the vacation rental sector.