Property Marketing Pack

Our standalone marketing pack generally involves one day on site and another another writing up, photo editing etc. The purpose is simply to furnish you as a vendor with information and marketing material to enable you to undertake the marketing yourself or in conjunction with a local agent:

  • An accurate written valuation;
  • A written marketing strategy (how to position your property, who to advertise it with, when etc) and a pricing strategy (what is a realistic net vendor price to expect, what you should expect to pay by way of agent’s fees, what is an appropriate margin for negotiation).
  • A suite of photographs (inside and out);
  • Floor Plans of all habitable space.
  • ‘Hard’ property descriptions – a list of rooms, their dimensions etc;
  • ‘Soft’ property descriptions – persuasive marketing text in English aimed at succinctly describe what the property represents (and indeed could represent).

Price €1,500 +TVA

Option extras

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