Property Owners - Listing your property

At Classic French Homes, we have the same marketing flair for our rentals as we do our sales:

  • We start with the right properties (in excellent condition, right location, no blights, good rental appeal).
  • We value it accurately in order to get rental rates over the seasons that are ambitious but achievable.
  • We take the capture and produce the very best marketing material in the business.
  • We then follow the best marketing campaign for the property.
  • We are tenacious about garnering interest and converting these to bookings.

Selection Criteria

We consider properties for inclusion in our rental portfolio carefully against the following criteria:

  • Is it truly prestige – ie worth over €1M?
  • Is it lettable and furthermore does it have the wow factor for prestige holiday makers?
  • Is it within our patch?
  • Are the owners committed to quality holiday rentals?
  • Will the owners agree to ambitious but realistic rental rates?


Where all of these criteria are met, vendors get our fullest level of commitment and we are then able to work with them in deciding which package best suits their needs from our following services;