Property Valutions - The International Model

When considering making an offer on a French property, it is important to understand the method of valuation and the culture for negotiating a deal. Be aware that the system for valuing properties and establishing transaction prices here in France can be somewhat different to that which you are used to. For example, in the UK it is the norm to ask several agents to value a property and make a proposal for its marketing, then appoint one – with possibly a second appointed under a joint-marketing arrangement – with a realistic price aimed at striking a balance between generating the right interest and securing an attractive price. Having put it on the market at a certain price, it is then often the case that one reviews interest and offers a week or so later, and it is very possible that the transaction price exceeds the asking price – sometimes by a considerable margin. The agent very much works for the vendor.

This is often quite different from the default French way – read more
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Ultimately, it is market forces that dictate the transaction price.