Sound Investment

Investing in France is generally regarded as a safe bet. The banking system is extremely conservative, taking out much of the boom and bust experienced elsewhere – particularly the UK and US. The ratios of lending on a property vs. average earnings ensures that property prices have traditionally been very low. Moreover the political system is stable, and local planning laws sensible – with a strong focus on preserving French culture and the beauty of the countryside.

The region is easy to get to, and is a popular destination for Brits, the Irish, Scandanavians, North Americans, expats from the Far East and Australasia. Moreover, good access will remain - with strong demand for both lo-cost flights and an abundance of easy overland routes supported by an excellent infrastructure.

Planning laws are sensible – development here is carefully controlled, with the focus of newbuild on infill land in towns and villages. Greenbelt land is increasingly protected, whilst renovations of old property is actively encouraged

All these factors combine to make the area a great place for the prudent investor.