Standard French Approach to Valuing Property

Regrettably, agents in France are much less scientific in their approach to valuations, and in many cases the asking price is set at what the vendor insists on, rather than what an agent feels is a realistic price given current market conditions. To be fair to agents, valuing property here is notoriously difficult – in our niche market, every property is unique with few close comparables, and the variables at play – size, condition, location, situation, facilities, features, age, architecture, style etc – are all very different from one to another. Moreover, there is a much lower rate of turnover of sales, making the comparables method of valuation that less accurate.

Moreover, vendors’ loyalty to one particular agent is very limited – instead they will often appoint six or more believing that wide coverage will increase their chances of a sale.

This is different from the International method – and you can understand our approach here.