Property Surveys

'Etude Diagnostique'

As soon as it looks likely that we have secured a buyer on agreed terms, you as the vendor need to commission a statutory survey (‘etude diagnostique’) that reveals the state of the property in relation to termites and other wood infestations, lead in paintwork, asbestos, gas and electrical installations and the environment specific to the locals (eg ground heave in dry periods). We will tell you when the time is right to do this, and suggest a surveyor (‘expert du batiment’) for this purpose.

Their report is required to form part of the documents to be signed off in the ‘Compromis de Vente’.


Depending on the state of the property at take-on, we may suggest that we commission a ‘Pre-survey’. Carried out by the same technician that will ultimately do your Etude Diagnostique, the purpose is to identify early those issues which may exist and result in an adverse report. We can then agree remedial action that can be taken soonest in order to avoid potential problems later on. Please enquire for details.

New Rules from January 2011

Please note that from the 1st January 2011, we are required to publish the Energetic Performance (DPE) and Emission (GES) for each and every property we market. Similar to those exhibited on all new white goods, an example of each is as follows:


Property Energetic Performance Label

Property Emission Label



In order to arrange for the necessary stuydy to be undertaken, please contact us for additional information.