Termite Survey

'L’Etat relative à la présence de Termites dans le bâtiment'

The Termite Survey is carried out to determine the presence of termites on the property with a view to exonerating the seller in terms of the hidden defects clause. As termites are not found throughout France, the obligation to carry out the Termite Survey is limited to areas designated by a prefectural order.

Termites create significant damage in a short period of time to a property.  Essentially the wood is attacked but as cellulose is the base of the termite diet any element containing cellulose is liable to be attacked: paper, textiles, leather. Termites will also damage elements containing no food value, such as plasterboard and electrical conduit, in order to create passages. The diagnostiqueur will inspect all floor levels of the property, the loft and the exterior within a 10m radius of the building/s.

The diagnostiqueur will report on the ‘presence of indices of termite infestation’, differentiating between an absence of termite infestation, a finding of damage or destruction due to termite infestation or evidence of termites in activity. At the same time the diagnostiqueur is obliged to search for and report on other types of insect infestation, e.g. wood-boring beetle attack and fungal attack on the wood, such as wet or dry rot.

The Termite Survey report is valid for a period of 6 months. In the case of a finding of presence of termites, the seller is obliged to make a declaration to the local ‘mairie’ who may oblige the seller to carry out a treatment. This does not inhibit the seller and buyer concluding the sale.