The new DPE requirements

The Diagnostique Performance Energetic (DPE) regulation concerning the advertising of all properties in France for sale and long term rental is now in force, as a result of which all adverts have to show clearly the energertic performance and CO2 emissions ratings. Onerous and costly, or great news for vendors? We are in favour!

Let’s face it, the new requirements do indeed represent yet another layer of bureaucracy and cost. But we are optimistic that the impact will ultimately be positive, primarily for two reasons:

  • Less reputable estate agents will be forced to remove adverts for properties that give the impression of being for sale, but that have actually sold (an old trick aimed at getting enquiries).
  • Property owners who are not committed vendors will chose not to put their homes on the market spuriously, and at prices that only serve to put off buyers.


These two trends will combine to dramatically reduce the amount of rubbish on the market – better for buyers and serious vendors alike.

The labels look like:

DPE Labels & etiquettes

Stewart Cook - French Estate Agent

About the Author

Stewart Cook has A-levels in Maths, Physics, Economics, and Statistics, has a Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering from Southampton University and an MBA in International Business Strategy from CASS Business School (formerly City University Business School). As a Sandhurst-trained army officer he served in Europe, North America and the Far East, before working as a Management Consultant specialising in eBusiness Strategy in London and New York. As Managing Director of Classic French Homes since 2006, he is monitors the prestige end of the French property market closely and regularly comments to the press and media.