Property Valuations & Market Appraisals

Valuing property in France is notoriously difficult – no two properties are the same, and there are often great differences in the variables which count – size, style, quality of finish, location, situation, facilities etc. In order to best reflect what buyers place value on, we have developed a complex formula and system of comparison that results in a valuation that is as accurate as can realistically be.

The importance of achieving a correct valuation cannot be underestimated – too low, and we fail to realise your investment, too high and we run the risk of your property sitting on the market for too long and missing that all-important honeymoon period.

Unlike the majority of Estate Agencies in France, we are committed to marketing properties at a realistic price. It is because of this that accurate valuations are such an important part of our work, and we very much hope that we will be able to agree pricing and marketing strategy.

If we do disagree about price, we hope that you will understand that we will not participate in its marketing.


Please note that we now charge €200 plus travel expenses at 50 cents/km (both figures +TVA) for valuations - this figure may be waived if we are instructed by mutual agreement.



Whilst agents and owners talk about "Valuations" as we have here, it is fact somewhat of a misnomer. With this service we are actually carrying out what is more accurately described as a "Market Appraisal" - a relatively quick and simple assessment of your house with the intention of giving you, the owner, and guide as to what the market will reasonably support by way of transaction price.

A proper "Valuation" must be carried out by a qualified "Expert Immobilier" (not to be confused with "Expert Batiment", who carry out the Etude Diagnostique for termites etc). This is a much more detailed investigation and uses two or more methods of valuation to arrive at a more definitive 'market value' with the degree of credibility required for probate, divorce, donation, mortgage assessment etc. We strongly recommend commissioning an independent Expert Immobilier to give you a realistic and unbiased market value for your property before appointing an agent.