We're focussed

A Handpicked Portfolio

Whilst it would appear most agencies pride themselves in the size and range of their portfolio, we are proud to present only a limited number of properties – always in the region of 30 or so. Why? Rather than positioning ourselves to be able to offer extensive choice – the ‘something for everyone’ approach (read ‘just happy to achieve a sale – sorry of it’s not your property’) we take on only a select type of property and are fully committed to selling each and every one.


Our niche is small – old properties brimming with character and style, mostly over €1M,. Our portfolio is exclusive, and the services we offer exceptional.

Selling the Area

Our patch is within 50kms of Bergerac – and although we will occasionally travel further for truly exceptional properties, it is this patch in which we are most familiar and passionate, and which actively promote – and selling the area is half the challenge.

Clear Benefits to Vendors

With such a narrow focus, we understand these types of property intimately – we know their value,  we understand their demand, and we have the skills and experience to sell them. Moreover, we have a strong following of loyal buyers who seek such properties. In short, we represent vendors best chance of securing a good sale swiftly.