Why rent here

Unlike many other Agents, we know the area well. We live and work here and although we are slightly biased, we think it it the most beautiful place in the world. We are able to pass our in-depth knowledge of the area on to our clients and help them choose a location that suits their party make up.


Located in the South West corner of France, Aquitaine has got it all! It was part of the English Empire in the Middle Ages and its treasures have been fought over for centuries, leaving a rich legacy of architecture, history and culture. The area brims with stories of two thousand years of trading, settling and the spoils of medieval war. It continues to this day, to be a area in huge demand with visitors.

The Weather

The Aquitaine region is known for its pleasant climate throughout the year. The 2,200 sunshine hours per year make the region similar to Mediterranean Midi  in climate. The weather begins to warm in April, while summers are hot with the heat lingering well into September and October to ripen the grapes. 

Wine and Gastronomy

This area is foodie heaven! Food and wine are at the heart of French culture and Aquitaine takes this to the extreme. The best way to expereience this is through the colourful markets, welcoming vineyards and local restaurants.You are spoilt for choice!

In more detail...

We cover the following three departments within Aquitaine. Please follow the links for more detailed information on each specific area.